Nationwide Building Society

On 30th July Nationwide sent me a letter which I received on the 2nd August saying there had been fraudulent activity on the account.


This Fraudster managed to evade Nationwide’s security systems

I called them 2nd August and spoke to the first person who didn’t listen to what I had said, so I had to repeat it, then be passed over to their colleague in the fraud department who then tried to put me through security a second time.
Upon telling her she said, “Oh yes I can see you have” – Great, don’t let me interrupt you from looking at Facebook.


Nationwide Customer Services hard at work.

After reeling off a bunch of transactions I couldn’t see in the account the Second person then cancelled the card.

  • I said, ‘Can I move money out now you have cancelled card’, “Yes”, she replied.
  • I said, but I can’t use my card reader now. “Well you can make payments to people you have used before, she replied.
  • I said, ‘So you meant to say I cannot make payments’, “Yes you cannot make payments”.


You can make payments but not payments but those payments which you can make payments for are payments which can be made

Then I said what about the replacement card, can you get it sent to the local branch?

  • She said, “We don’t send cards to branch unless in exceptional circumstance”.
  • I said, ‘This is an exceptional circumstance, you have cancelled my card, leaving my money in a bank I now don’t trust with all my savings in it, unable to move money and pay for everyday needs’.
  • She then had to speak to a supervisor, then came back telling me how she had made a calendar appointment for herself to change the address on the destination for the new card to the new branch.
    What level of fucked are Nationwide’s systems that they cannot send a card to the local branch – it has to be the most secure method of delivering a card.


Jane I’m trying to get a card sent to a local branch but its not working? 

I asked to speak to her supervisor.


Person number 3 – The supervisor

  • She said, “We don’t send cards to branch unless in exceptional circumstance” – Yes heard it already you fucking policy parrot.
  • I said, ‘This is an exceptional circumstance, you have cancelled my card, leaving my money in a bank I now don’t trust with all my savings in it, unable to move money and pay for everyday needs’. I can play the parrot too – squaaaaaaaaaawk!
  • She said, “I will have to speak to a manager to see if I can do this”. 
  • She rang back, “I have managed to get this sent to the branch”.

This is what amazed me, she was genuinely expecting thanks that she had “managed” to get a card sent to a branch of her own company for a customer to go and collect.


Nationwide Supervisor – I got a card sent to a branch – YAY ME!

Given I have no idea what had happened – On the same weekend I called Barclaycard, who got a card couriered to my door with 2 days – that is customer service.


Off the back of a message I sent to Nationwide, two days later the Nationwide complaints team called me. Person number 4.

“We have confirmed that the payments are indeed fraud”


Nationwide Fraud Detective

(These are all questions from me – don’t think for a minute they were proactive in contacting me with these)

  • She said, “We have confirmed that the payments are indeed fraud”. – Fuck me sherlock. Really? No shit. This is incredible news.
  • She said, “We have closed the case”. Eh?
  • She said, “We don’t report fraud to the police”. Green light to crims.
  • She said, “We don’t contact the companies where the fraud has occurred”. You don’t do anything do you Nationwide.
  • She said, “We have managed to get this sent to the branch” – again expecting thanks and celebration they had ‘managed’ to get the card sent to the branch, I told her what Barclaycard had just done. She said, “We don’t offer that”.
  • I asked her for an itemised list of the fraud that had taken place on the account.
  • She said, “The escalation team will send that” – I said, “No, I am asking you to send it so I can report it to the police.
  • She said, “How do you want me to resolve this?” You tell me Einstein, you think getting a card sent to one of your branches is an achievement I hardly expect anything good to come of this conversation.

Person number 4 hung up on me as you can imagine how the call went, she belligerently threw Nationwide policy down the phone and what Nationwide doesn’t do.

There has been a consistent theme throughout – they do not listen to what you are saying – either because they are not focused, don’t give a fuck or hide behind their scripts/policies as they consistently say, I’m sorry you feel that way”. 

They consistently tell you what they don’t do (which seems to be everything) – they pretend they feedback to their managers but nothing will change. This is all by design – trust me, I know how these shitholes don’t work (another blogs worth).


Nationwide scripted sorry – “Im sorry you feel that way” “Im sorry to hear that” “Im sorry you feel that way” “Im sorry to hear that” “Im sorry you feel that way” “Im sorry to hear that” “Im sorry you feel that way” “Im sorry to hear that” “Im sorry you feel that way” “Im sorry to hear that” “Im sorry you feel that way” “Im sorry to hear that” “Im sorry you feel that way” “Im sorry to hear that” 


Lets just take stock of what has happened so far / not happened.

  • At no point have Nationwide told me how the fraud occurred.
  • I don’t know what fraud has taken place – I cannot see what Nationwide see. There have been credits put back into the account for debits I cannot see.
  • I was not told at any point who to contact.
  • Nationwide did not tell me they would not contact police and I should to do it.
  • I cannot move money unless I physically go to a branch and set a payment up – this will only be further misery with incompetents behind glass walls. Queuing up in a branch of Nationwide is like a queue for the morgue, the slow shuffling towards a cold soulless interaction.
    i) In the past I have been berated for bringing coins in.
    ii) Trying to ask for a paper statement was about as fun as putting my hands in a blender because they were too busy chatting to their colleague about Friday night to give a fuck.
  • I don’t have a card 5 days after they sent the letter.


Today 10th August I rang Nationwide to query a payment that had appeared on the 4th August, which only showed up on the 8th August on the statement – thinking was, if the card was cancelled why has a payment gone out – it was actually a payment for 2nd August and was legitimate – showing how bad Nationwide systems are.

I asked Person number 5 where my card was.

  • He said, “If you call the branch and ask them…” I said, “No, this is not customer service, when the card arrives at the branch you should be calling me.
  • He said, “We don’t offer that”.

I asked to be put through to the complaints team (Ongoing complaint open)…

  • He said, “We cannot put customers through to complaints team as we don’t have their details, they are like a seperate company”.
  • I said, “So you don’t have their phone number?”.
  • He said, “No”.


Nationwide Customer Services – “Complaintz schmaintz ma problem”



It is 2 weeks since they sent me the original letter, I still don’t have a card, I still don’t have the full details to give to the police and I still have more clowns to talk to in the complaints team.
I am now 5 layers deep in Nationwide – that’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

By the time Action Fraud (UK Police fraud team) get hold of this with the correct data the criminals have been and gone.
Even by the time you fill in the Action Fraud Police form the crims have been and gone and back – think of a form, put it in a mangler then soak it in petrol and then set it on fire and you have the Action Fraud form – it’s that bad.
Call the police and report that a murder has taken place on a simple form.

There is no chance anyone will get caught. Apparently when a case is opened it takes 6 weeks to be assigned to an officer.
By that time, backups for web logs will have been and gone so good luck tracing IP’s if they are not behind a VPN. Said criminal will be on their 100th card scam by then.


This a competent card criminal in the UK

The criminal gangs know this. This is going to grow and grow and grow because of the level of incompetence and the glacial speed of any police investigation – already less than 10% of UK crimes are solved.

There is no understanding of customer service inside Nationwide. The less than zero fucks displayed over the last week is breathtaking – What a brilliant business model. Take your money and don’t do ANYTHING in return.

Nationwide Building Society – You park your money here and do our work for us!

This is not exceptional for the level of incompetence I have seen in the last two years experienced as a customer in the UK – this is rife. Turn on the TV and you are hit by a wave of whimsical adverts from companies pretending they give a shit.

I have new accounts opening this week with other banks and I am taking all my money out of Nationwide Building Society.

They have been pretty bad over the 14 years I have been with them but this was the last straw.

If you have an account with them or know someone that does – move it.

Let’s stop rewarding these shitholes with our money.



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